Business Consulting|Quantitative Consulting

Business Consulting


Consultants who have expertise and experience in multiple sectors / fields will pro-actively communicate with domestic and overseas clients in all sizes and support them making rational decisions.


Provide long run support on solving wide range of business management issues by collaborating with legal professionals (lawyer / certified accountant / tax accountant) as an advisor base “strategic adviser” for small and medium-sized enterprises. On the other hand, “on-site consultant” comes in place to support large cooperate executives / management to execute their strategic projects.


Strategy Advisory / Project Execution Support

Advisory service to support client on making practical strategic decisions by providing on-site support to realize “Innovation” in issues and goals that clients have.


  • Energy Industry
    Development of management strategies / Support on organization designs / Management meeting facilitation
  • Education Industry
    Development of management strategies / Management meeting facilitation
  • Retail Industry
    Development of business succession strategies/Management meeting facilitation


  • Domestic energy companies
    Support developing Management / IT strategy
  • Domestic life insurance companies
    Support developing Mid- to Long-term strategy
  • Global ICT companies
    Support developing Mid-term business plan

[Data Science]

  • Domestic energy companies
    Support developing models which support future prediction / outlier value judgement, and support organize overall business issues and data analysis method based on big data.
  • Foreign capital life insurance companies
    Provide suggestions for product development and management policies based on data of contract termination rate.
  • Global ICT companies
    Build portfolio management based on development data.


  • Foreign capital non-life insurance companies
    Support for corporate integration project
  • Foreign capital automobile companies
    Support financial accounting integration project
  • Global semiconductor companies
    Support governance integration project


  • Major domestic trust banks
    Support large-scale business reorganization project
  • Public interest incorporated foundations
    PMO support for large-scale international events
  • Central government agencies
    Support standardizing business operation


  • Major human resources companies
    Support developing corporate strategy and CIO
  • Global manufacturing companies
    Support insourcing, IT strategy development and recruiting strategy development
  • Major domestic travel agencies
    Support to systemize auto adjustment of airline ticket pricing based on air fee fluctuation

Business Consulting

Business consulting services specializing in solving business issues by our professional consultants with multiple expertise in areas such as Strategy/Digitalization/M&A/Operation/Technology.

Asset Management

Engaging to increase equity capital and multiple investment targets by in-house “Quantitative Strategist and M&A Strategist” who are professional in finance and business investment.

Post-Merger Integration

Delivering effective integration practice of post-M&A execution as a key factor to improve corporate value and supporting each project by consultants as “PMI Strategist” who has extensive management consulting experiences in various complex projects.