Recruit|Quantitative Consulting


QC offers approach on having in-depth discussion with cooperate executives and managements of domestic and overseas organizations in sectors such as finance / energy / manufacturing / distribution / communication / high-tech / materials industry / public industry, regarding workaround on business issues and risk by fully leveraging the experiences and knowledges in strategy / data science / M&A / operation / technology.

Ideal Person

Consultants of QC are committed to follow three philosophy listed below to become the consultant selected first by our clients.

Having “expertise / experience in multiple business fields” which can lead to solutions against complex business issues.

Creating “documents / presentations which simply crafted with in-depth logic in perfect balance” that allows clients to make rational decisions.

Promoting “active communication / teamwork” to ensure executing the project.

Carrier up

QC is searching best suited business professionals for three positions available “Business Analyst/Associate/Manager” as consultants.

The position will be decided by considering education, career background, and results of the entry exam of the candidate. And, all the consultants will have equal opportunity to advance the career by stepping up to higher positions. Furthermore, once the management members realize the performance of the consultant is equally recognized by the client (as they select the consultant by name as No.1 performer), then, he or she can also challenge for a position with wider role such as “Quantitative Strategist for financial investment / M&A Strategist for business investment / PMI Strategist for organizational integration”.


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