Value|Quantitative Consulting



Be a trusted business professional


Build relationships with others
based on a business professionalism mind


Work as a solid team with others
by emphasizing the unified thinking


Think strategically


Be transparent in communication, reporting, and negotiation

“TRUST” is the core value of QC, and QC will continue to provide high-quality / top-notch consulting services
by actively taking on the challenges of a new generation.

One and only consultant

Consultants of QC are following three philosophy to become “One and only consultant” who is always selected first by the client.

Having “expertise / experience in multiple fields / sectors” that can lead to solutions against complex business issues.

Creating “materials / presentations in which are simply crafted with in-depth logic in perfect balance” that allows clients to make rational decisions.

Promoting “active communication / teamwork” to ensure execute the project.

Beyond the consultant

QC provide opportunities for self-actualization through the following business activities as valuable opportunities to “go beyond the consultant” which also help continue to be selected first by clients.

Financial Investment

QC actively research and implement on the theme of financial investment based on advanced mathematical (mathematics / physics / financial engineering) / statistical methods and cutting-edge technology (information science). As a “Quantitative Strategist”, QC does not only build the theory of trading strategy / asset allocation strategy / money management strategy for various investment targets, but also monitors real time market data for purpose of research and development of automated trading robots. QC continuously challenge for building advanced knowledge-intensive business model based on “scientific thinking” to take control the future economic uncertainties.

Business Investment

In the “Strategic Advisory Department”, QC will collaborate with legal professionals (lawyer / certified public accountant / tax accountant) to execute M&A as part of corporate “Business Investment” which ensure the delivery by sufficient experiences in the corporate management advisory business.
As a “M&A Strategist”, who specializes in optimization of the business portfolio covering “a series of activities from M&A strategy development / organize requirement of selecting the target company / investigation / assessment / negotiation and final agreement on stock transfer / business transfer”. There are very few cases in which M&A can successfully improve corporate value, but QC will take on the complex M&A related challenges by collaborating with its own “Post-Merger Integration” division which the details will be described later.

Post-Merger Integration

After accumulating sufficient and practical experiences in various corporate management consulting projects, QC will carry out PMI to maximize effectiveness of M&A. As a “PMI Strategist”, he or she support integration practice of business operations / financial management / various systems / systems / organizations / culture / philosophy, by considering the complex business environment surrounding the target company including distinctiveness of the organization. Additionally, QC will take on the complex challenges to increase corporate value targeted in a med-to-long term perspective while accepting diversity of the organization.