Asset Management|Quantitative Consulting

Asset Management


Revenue generated from other internal business activities are invested in “Asset Management” division, and the capital is managed by “Quantitative Strategist” who is well-versed in advanced mathematics / physics / financial engineering / informatics science including “M&A Strategist” who has extensive business experience in stock trading/business transfer field.


“Quantitative Strategist” not only research trading strategy based on overseas thesis / reports, etc., but also research and develop automated trading robots based on in-depth verification from own past data.
On the other hand, “M&A Strategist” engaging in supporting following asset management related activities:
Phase 1 →Strategy Development/Organize Requirement
Phase 2 → Target company selection / Survey / Assessment / Negotiation
Phase 3 → Stock transfer/Business transfer



Committed to challenge advanced financial investment based on “Scientific Thinking” which support controlling uncertainty of the business operation performance.

  • Developing trading strategy for stocks / future trading / FX / cryptocurrency
  • Deriving optimal portfolio based on asset allocation strategy
  • Developing “Automated Trading Bot” that monitors real-time market data for strategic decision making activities.


Close collaboration with legal professionals (lawyer / certified accountant / tax accountant, etc.) to optimize business portfolio and investment.

  • Execute DD (Due Diligence) in the sector such as business / finance / legal / labor / system etc.
  • Evaluate M&A in the view of expected business benefit / feasibility / success criteria based on the DD report
  • Execute the final contract based on discussion / negotiation with the seller after reviewing the terms / proposal of acquisition.

Business Consulting

Business consulting services specializing in solving business issues by our professional consultants with multiple expertise in areas such as Strategy/Digitalization/M&A/Operation/Technology.

Asset Management

Engaging to increase equity capital and multiple investment targets by in-house “Quantitative Strategist and M&A Strategist” who are professional in finance and business investment.

Post-Merger Integration

Delivering effective integration practice of post-M&A execution as a key factor to improve corporate value and supporting each project by consultants as “PMI Strategist” who has extensive management consulting experiences in various complex projects.